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John Doe and Jane Doe established our firm in 1975. Over the years, our firm has completed over 400 projects.

These projects have been featured in several best-selling books and national magazines.

Welcome to Catalina's Gift!
As our organization grows we hope our website will grow with us. We hope once families have recieved our services they will come back to visit the website and let us know how our gift helped them, even in the smallest way. Our goal is to make a difference in any way we can, to take some of the stress away we parents experience when dealing with our children being sick. So please come back often to visit our site to check on our progress and growth!

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Catalina's Gift Update 3/13/15

Since my last check in, there has been change and growth for Catalina's Gift.  

On April 10, 2015, we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary!  I can still remember when Catalina's Gift was just an idea.  I took that idea and started something special to honor my daughter, something when she looks back she will know that she is special, she will know that because of her illness she is able to help so many other families.

As we continue to provide snacks to the clinics and snack bags to the hospitals, we have expanded our services to include; End of Chemo Fun Packages to the Parents of children that have finished Chemotherapy.  Although only a few have went out, I am getting such a great response from the parents who receive them.  Sponsoring families (current patients at our clinic sites) is another new feature we added this year at Christmas Time, in addition to hosting a Toy Drive. I reached out to donors, supporters, family and friends to help sponsor (3) families during the holidays.  Not only to provide gifts, they otherwise would not have been able to afford, but we provided love and hope by showing them that there is an organization out there who cares.  It was a great success and we are going to increase the number of families this Christmas Season.

We continue to host Thanksgiving Lunch at Kaiser Los Angeles on Thanksgiving day.  This service is so well received and appreciated by the families.  I am always looking for help and donations around this time of the year.

There are so many other things I would love to do for our organization and I hope that with time I can increase and expand our services.